Buy Now Pay LaterDelta-8 merchant accountDelta-8 merchant accountBuy Now Pay LaterBuy Now Pay Later

By Offering Your Customers The Flexibility

To Pay Overtime In Monthly Installments – With No Interest.

Once your customers accept the terms,

merchant receives 100% of the invoiced amount upfront.

Win More Business

Buy Now Pay Later

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Your consumers can split their purchases into certain equal installments with NO INTEREST. That means the customers only need to pay part of the balance each month, with no impact on their credit score.

Choose Pay Later Option
Consumers accept to pay on an existing- credit card, the same as a traditional purchase.
Request Invoiced Amount
Consumer's card is authorized to reserve the total invoiced amount.
Fill Out Information
Consumers enter the purchased amount, credit card information, and agree to the payment terms.
Pay in 4
Until consumers invoice is paid off, they’re only charged for part of the balance each month.
Merchants Get Paid In Full
Once your client is approved and accepts the terms, merchants get paid in full within 1-3 business days.

Why Buy Now Pay Later

With IPP buy now pay later, merchants can increase average order revenue, boost conversion rate, and grow their customer acquisition.

Provides your customers with an opportunity to pay over time without penalty.

Manages your debtors even better, primarily the long-term debts

Improves your company’s cash flow and liquidity by getting paid upfront.

Increases customers’ loyalty and their shopping experience.

Buy Now Pay Later

Connect Pay Later into Your eCommerce, Mobile Websites, and In-Store

Online Checkouts

Easily integrate with the major eCommerce platforms.


Payment links work on multiple platforms, including email, chat, and social apps.


Customers pay in installments with point of sale.

Easy Payments Option FOR EVERY CUSTOMER

International Payments Processing provides comprehensive online payment and A/R solutions for merchants. Therefore, merchants can get paid on time, a ‘win-win’ for you and your customers.

IPP Installments
IPP Installments

Allow customers to pay in 4 interest-free installments, providing an opportunity for merchants to sell more products and get more customers.

IPP Finance

Provide extended credit terms and freedom to pay over 3-12 months, while the merchant receives 100% of the invoiced amount upfront.

IPP Pay Now
IPP Pay Now

Accelerate cash flow and empower clients to pay 24/7, at a low cost to the firm.

69% of merchants gets help with cash flow
90% of merchants says BNPL is a significant offer.
92% of merchants says BNPL is easy to use.

Get Paid In Full up-front with Our Buy Now Pay Later

Enable your clients to buy now and pay later with no interest and fee. You will get paid right away while customers pay installments over time.
Here are the processes:
Prepare a quote

Use your client’s basic information in your IPP account and send Buy Now Pay Later details to them.

Get paid in full

Get paid in 1-3 business days after your client is approved and accepts the term.

Why Buy Now Pay Later from International Payments Processing

Merchants can increase their sales by giving consumers a choice between payment methods. When your customers deal with financial issues, Buy-Now-Pay-Later is easy to make merchant fees more manageable.

Here are some additional benefits that you can expect with International Payments Processing

Ease to Use
Don’t need to deal with interest fees and financial applications with your clients
Pay in 4
Offer 4 months payment options to merchants & their customers.
White-Label for Merchants
Provide a white-label portal for merchants with their brand names to ensure customer recognition and brand awareness.
Automatic Process
Automatically check the qualification of customers based on their credit score.
No Interest Fees
Pay zero interest if customers pay their card off in full each month.
Get Paid 100% Up-Front
Merchants get paid 100% up-front and in full and don’t need to wait to get paid.

Ready To Get Buy Now Pay Later

International Payments Processing gives your customers the freedom to buy what they need now.