Chargeback Prevention, Processing & Remediation

For high-risk and eCommerce businesses, chargebacks are an unfortunate reality. IPP has years of experience in the chargeback arena and specializes in helping merchants reduce the risk associated with all areas of the dispute process.


The first and easiest step for preventing the occurrence of chargebacks is through the use of our proprietary service platform, iCAN4Consumers. iCAN provides consumers with an online alternative vs. calling the merchant or calling their issuing bank. Customers can operate directly through the iCAN4Consumers website and request refund facilitated by our platform on the merchant’s behalf. iCAN is particularly beneficial in cases where the customer may be reluctant to call the merchant directly for fear of being down-sold and in some instances, they might also be reluctant to call their issuing bank. This is where iCAN comes into play. As another tool, at your disposal, iCAN prevents chargebacks and reduces merchant chargeback ratios.

Pre-chargeback Alert Services

When consumers/customers go directly to his/her issuing bank, bypassing the merchant's customer service altogether, the merchant has little chance in heading of potential chargebacks, and that's where we can help.

By making these pre-chargeback alert services available to our merchants, they benefit in that participating Issuers when contacted by their cardholders, will reach out to the merchant first as a precursor to initiating a chargeback. This provides the merchant with an opportunity to review the customer’s situation and if desired, initiate a credit in order to resolve the customer’s issue and prevent the initiation of a chargeback.

3D Secure Authentication Services

We make available to our merchant partners 3D Secure authentication which offers an additional layer of protection against fraud related chargebacks which helps to reduce merchant chargeback ratios and associated risk. Many of the 3DS solutions offered by other service providers can impact customer conversion rates. The solution made available and promoted by IPP provides the benefits of 3DS without negatively impacting customer conversion rates which makes it the optimal 3DS solution in the marketplace.

Chargeback Review / Resolution

We also offer full-service chargeback processing services for the handling and re-presentment of chargebacks on behalf of our merchant customers – this also includes support for other areas of the dispute cycle such as retrieval request fulfillment and the handling of pre-arbitration and arbitration cases. While our dispute processing service excels with high win rates, we also look for ways to assist merchants in implementing best business practices for reducing incoming chargeback activity.

Chargeback Remediation / Mitigation

In those instances where a merchant may already have a chargeback problem, we also offer chargeback prevention and mitigation solutions that help merchants lower their chargeback rates. We specialize in formulating strategies and chargeback remediation plans, utilizing an array of complementary solutions for getting chargebacks under control.

Our ultimate goal is to help the merchant maintain their merchant account, improve their bottom line, and grow their business.