International & Domestic Merchant Services

Our goal is to provide merchants with payment solutions that meet their needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of payment processing services in support of their business goals and overall profitability. Our innovative solutions along with our global footprint and long-term direct acquiring partnerships, makes us the logical choice when looking for a payments service provider in the electronics payments industry.

High Risk eCommerce Processing Services

We understand e-commerce and the complexities associated with high-risk credit card processing. We have relationships with numerous merchant acquiring banks worldwide to help grow your business. If your business is considered high-risk, it is important to have a merchant service provider who understands your business needs, who possesses the knowledge and experience to establish merchant accounts efficiently, and who can provide the ongoing support needed to grow your business and maintain your merchant account for the long term.

Retail POS Processing Services

While IPP specializes in the servicing of e-commerce and other CNP merchants, we also provide solutions for servicing card present businesses when performing face-to-face transactions. Whether you operate a retail shop or provide other services to customers in a face-to-face environment, we can help you establish and maintain a merchant account in support of your customers for the long term.

Risk Management and Chargeback Mitigation

IPP has years of experience in the handling of chargebacks and specializes in helping merchants reduce the risk associated with all areas of the dispute process. This includes the prevention of chargebacks, the processing of chargebacks, and in the extreme, helping merchants formulate strategies for both mitigation and remediation in order to save their processing account. We provide merchant customers with various alerts in order to head off potential chargebacks which include our own proprietary platform, iCAN4Consumers, as well as other alert based services such as those offered by third party service providers. We also make available a 3D Secure solution that uniquely reduces fraud based chargebacks without negatively impacting customer conversions unlike some of the other 3DS solutions in the marketplace.

Offshore Processing Solutions / Corporation Setup & Support

We make available a wide selection of offshore credit card processing options allowing online businesses to increase sales volume and target more markets globally. In some instances, an offshore solution is the only option especially with eCommerce merchants selling a higher risk product type or using higher risk marketing methods such as continuity programs. International Payments Processing has partnered with processors and acquiring institutions around the world and can assist you in establishing off-shore merchant accounts.

ACH / Check Processing Solutions

Accepting multiple forms of payment such as ACH can optimize customer conversion rates which, in turn, can increase your businesses revenue. Merchants who accept ACH based payments can also benefit from lower processing fees as ACH fees are typically lower than credit card fees. By enhancing your payment process to include ACH / eChecks, you’ll benefit from an integrated payment process that enhances your bottom line profit and streamlines your accounting tasks.

Gift Card Processing Solutions

IPP offers a variety of gift / prepaid card solutions for enhancing merchant sales and revenue while helping to build and maintain customer loyalty. In the most recent Consumer Insights Study conducted by First Data, it was revealed that 70% of consumers surveyed have either purchased or received a closed-loop plastic or electronic gift card in the past 12 months. 52% of the consumers polled say that receiving a gift card prompted them to visit a store with greater frequency and 40% said that they wouldn’t have visited the store if they hadn’t received the gift card. AND 69% of the gift card recipients spend more than the value of their gift card ($27.29 was the average overspend). Gift cards are a win/win for both merchants and customers alike as they supply easy earnings for businesses while offering invaluable convenience for customers.

Call Center / Customer Support Solutions

For our merchant customers, we offer call center services in an ancillary capacity as one of the many ways we assist merchants, as we believe, customer support and customer satisfaction is paramount to their success.