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Nutraceuticals are a thriving industry. However, banks consider nutraceutical businesses to be high-risk because of the high chargebacks, lack of regulation of the product’s ingredients, as well as continuity billing. Therefore, finding a knowledgeable payment processor is better to help your nutraceuticals get through all legal actions.

All You Need To Know About Getting A Nutraceutical Merchant Account

nutraceutical merchant account

Best Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts with Fast Approvals

Nowadays, building a successful Nutra business requires the owner to run a successful offline store and create an online presence to maximize the opportunities and generate revenue, including launching a website and selling products, customer support, or subscriptions. Therefore, Nutra owners need a payment processor that allows entrepreneurs and individuals to generate revenue using their website or preferred eCommerce solution, keep track of business transactions, and stay processing with your nutraceutical merchant account.

We understand the difficulties that nutraceutical merchants can be faced when working with standard payment processors. At IPP, we provide Nutra merchants with the best premium high-risk nutraceutical merchant services, credit card processing, and merchant approval. We have experts and technology to ensure that payment processing, customer service, fraud prevention, and chargeback disputes are easy to handle for our high-risk accounts.

IPP’s top features of high-risk merchant accounts
Secure payment gateway
Chargeback disputes
Fraud prevention and protection
Customer service support
Multi-bank processing (including offshore)
Chargeback alert
ACH / Check 21 processing
Competitive credit card rates
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What Needed To Get a Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Online merchant account application is easy, a retail or online nutraceutical business can begin the process to get a merchant account today. 

To apply for it, merchants can start by filling out the pre-application. Along with the pre-application, merchants also need to submit the following items for the underwriting process:

Online Presence
A secure, valid website
Banking Information
3 months of most recent processing statements and 3 months of most recent bank statements
Chargeback Ratios
Must be under 2%
Personal Details
A social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN)

Additionally, online businesses should maintain secure, operational websites. Once we get all the documents, merchants can get approved within 24 to 48 hours.

Types of
Nutraceutical Merchant Account
Retail POS

A retail nutraceutical merchant account allows businesses to accept card-present payment, including credit card, debit card, or point of sale. The transaction rate for retail is usually low as it has the lowest fraud and chargeback risks compared to other merchants.

Retail Mobile Payment

A mobile merchant account is an alternative payment option for a retail merchant account. Customers can use the credit card swiping attachment that plugs in their mobile to pay. This type of payment also has a lower rate of fraud and chargebacks. Therefore, the transaction rate is low as it is for retail.

virtual payment
Virtual Terminal

Customers can pay over the phone, mail, or laptop (without separated equipment). This payment option gives the consumers more options to pay, but it also increases fraud and chargebacks. However, customers can use our chargeback fraud prevention and customer service to prevent tools from protecting their revenue.

eCommerce payment

To sell products online, Nutra owners need an eCommerce merchant account. Our payment solutions help to integrate with most major payment gateway and shopping cards. We also provide dispute alerts, chargeback fraud prevention tools, and customer service to protect your business.

How Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts are Approved

To determine the risk associated with your nutraceutical merchants, underwriters need to review the application files. Therefore, merchants need you to fill out the pre-application and provide the required documents, such as banks statement, IDs, and merchant history.

Then, our experts will help you to obtain fast approval with the lowest possible rates. First, our team will check the selling products at your store, such as the legality of the ingredients, countries where they are being offered. Once we assure the product ingredients are seemed acceptable, we confirm that the information on the website and marketing materials is listed accordingly. This action is crucial for a nutraceutical company as some companies were forced to close when a government agency randomly discovered misleading or false online information.

Furthermore, we also help you to check the processing history to make sure the chargeback ratio is lower than 2%. We will have some recommended solutions to help your merchant account decrease the ratio if it’s higher.

Finally, we will ensure that you have enough operating capital to substantiate the processing volumes being requested. This action ensures that you have enough money to run a successful business and cover any chargeback risks associated with your payment processing.

Why Use a Nutraceutical Industry Merchant Account?

The nutraceutical industry has experienced explosive growth as the health-conscious millennial generation has embraced supplements as part of their daily rituals. According to a report funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, more than two-thirds of American adults use supplements to fill their nutrition gaps. The industry has contributed $121.6 billion to the U.S. economy. The number is expected to grow to $671 billion worldwide in 2024.

Unfortunately, the nutraceutical industry has a high chargeback ratio and is not well regulated in the United States. Therefore, banks consider nutraceutical merchants too high of a risk.

As a result, it is likely not possible to get a standard merchant account. Even if you receive a merchant account from a traditional payment processor, the bank and payment processor will eventually terminate your account as you violate their service policies. Therefore, choosing a high-risk merchant account is better to keep your nutraceutical merchant account without losing sale opportunities.

With a suitable payment processor, you can confidently promote your Nutra products, services, and subscriptions. Besides, if you are a small business and want to compete with the big companies by selling unique or alternative products that are not standard for the retail market, high-risk merchant accounts are an idea for you.