What is iCAN4Consumers?

See how iCAN works for customers and ultimately you, the merchant!


iCAN4Consumers was founded to eliminate/reduce your chargeback and fraud levels by providing your customers with a "no questions-asked" service for obtaining a refund for credit card purchases made online or over the phone.

This means that consumers now have an alternative that enables them to avoid the hassle and frustration of calling their credit card issuing bank in order to get their money back!

  • iCAN4Consumers is geared towards eCommerce merchants selling soft content or "throw-away" goods where the return of the product is not typically required for a refund (i.e subscriptions, memberships, nutraceuticals, Etc.).
  • We all know that once the consumer contacts his issuing bank, he will be informed that he is eligible for multiple refunds if the charge is a recurrring charge. At that point, the merchant will be sent a chargeback for each of the
    transactions meeting Visa and MC chargeback guidelines.

And providing the refund is not an indication that iCAN believes that the consumer has not made the purchase and has not performed some form of friendly fraud; however, we believe that the most important goal of the merchant and for which iCAN is designed, is to eliminate the merchant chargebacks, regardless of the consumer's intent.

It's as Simple as 1, 2 and 3!

1 Consumer requests a refund which can be initiated at any time from the merchant's website, the iCAN website, iCAN's social media pages, a "smart" device, or by calling the iCAN 24 x 7 customer support desk.

2 iCAN 4 Consumers routes the request to the member merchant's gateway for the consumer's credit/refund on the merchant's behalf.

3 Merchant Gateway submits the credit transaction to the merchant's processor for clearing and settlement with the Consumer's issuing bank.


iCAN4Consumers benefits not just merchants, but ALL participants in the Acquiring side of the payments industry.All of us who provide support to merchant businesses benefit when fraud and chargeback levels are kept within acceptable thresholds. For a merchant, reducing chargebacks and instances of fraud is vital in maintaining their merchant account and reducing the associated expense for their overall profitability and success!
Acquiring Institutions / Banks
The use of iCAN as part of an Acquirers ongoing strategy for managing merchant risk within their eCommerce portfolio is extremely beneficial as Acquiring banks are ultimately responsible to the card associations for the performance behavior of their merchants for whom they have underwritten.
This means having an effective set of tools and policies in place to ensure that occurrences of fraud and chargebacks are kept well below association thresholds. This eliminates the need for both acquiring and merchant involvement with fraud / chargeback remediation programs and the associated fines and penalties.
Merchant Sales Organizations / Sales Agents
Sales organizations and agents also benefit from iCAN in that accounts will stay in good standing as it relates to fraud and chargeback levels imposed by the card associations as well as underwriting and monitoring requirements set forth by Acquiring institutions.
Merchant Businesses
iCAN4Consumers should be used by eCommerce merchants as a best practice for reducing chargeback levels and enhancing card acceptance in order to improve customer satisfaction, maximize business growth, increase revenue and keeping their merchant account in good standing with their Acquiring institution and the card associations!
iCAN helps merchants significantly reduce chargeback counts / ratios and will also assist in reducing fraud ratios by improving underwriting ahead of the sale and avoiding participation in card association remediation programs.
Member merchants of the iCAN network have an additional tool for not just addressing fraud and chargebacks, but for improving customer satisfaction and increasing credibility with consumers, their customers.