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Explore Our Solutions We provide retail and e-commerce merchants
with a comprehensive suite of payment
processing services in support of their
business goals and overall profitability.
One Platform That Helps You Reach Business Goals & Profitability Explore Our Industries Our solutions, along with our global footprint
and long-term direct acquiring partnerships,
make us the logical choice when looking for a
payment service provider.
Grow Your Business, We Will Protect It WE WILL PROTECT IT GROW YOUR BUSINESS EXPLORE OUR SOLUTIONS No matter the type of business,
we will help you secure your payments
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Find the tools that power your business THAT POWER YOUR BUSINESS FIND THE TOOLS Contact Us Our experts place merchants with acquiring
banks, and we offer advanced industry
solutions such as fraud detection software to
reduce the risk to your overall profitability.

Why choose International Payments Processing


High Risk Payment Processing

We understand e-commerce and the complexities associated with high-risk credit card processing. We can get you connected with an acquiring bank faster and easier so that your clients can go explore.


Online Merchant Acquisition

We are closely integrated with processors, agents, and local vendors in universal sales channels that ensure the quickest and most efficient onboarding for merchants that are considered high-risk.

Innovative Products

We offer unique and innovative advanced services available in e-commerce payment solutions. With the leading and latest products in high-risk merchant acquisition and chargeback mitigation, we give you speedy and honest care in helping you avoid fraudulent returns.

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See our INDUSTRIES and explore our payment processing solutions, catered for you.

Clients Say

I am a new business and could not understand my processing statement.  IPP provided me a comprehensive breakdown of my statement and followed up with a call to answer all of my additional questions.

Clients Say

I was having a lot of difficulties connecting my new merchant account to my gateway and shopping cart.  I called IPP and they were able to walk me through every step of the process. I am now online and in business, thanks!

Clients Say

My terminal died on me late on a Friday.  I called IPP, who was able to reach out to the manufacturer and have a replacement delivered the next day.  Thanks for minimizing my downtime.

Find your product, specialized for you

High risk merchant processing solutions

Our innovative solutions, in addition to our long-term direct acquiring partnerships, make us the ideal choice when shopping for a payment processor.

Risk management & Chargeback Mitigation

IPP has years of experience in handling chargebacks and specializes in helping merchants reduce the risks associated with the process.

Customer Support Service

We believe customer support and satisfaction are paramount to success, we offer call center services as one of the many ways we assist merchants.

Trillion global annual electronic transactions
5 yr CAGR of payments market cap
Annual electronic payments growth vs. 0 for cash
IPP 3 yr CAGR processing volume growth


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“We give you more time to grow your business by connecting you with an acquiring bank that’s right for you. This gives your customers more time to explore ✈️ Check out the solutions in our bio to learn more.”

No worries, we have you covered. If you’re an industry with high chargeback ratios, you may be considered high-risk by many banks. Check the link in our bio to see the list of industries that we …

The world of credit card payments is perpetually changing. IPP focuses on delivering reliable payment solutions to help businesses succeed in an increasingly complex global marketplace …

We understand the complexities associated with high-risk credit card processing. We can get you connected, with our easy application. Check out our solutions in our bio to learn more.

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We should be your first contact point for any issues at any time that you may be having with your processing. That includes technology, your particular industry process handling, any question at all. Please contact us at your convenience.