prevent chargebacks & stop profit leaks

Prevent Chargebacks &
Stop Profit Leaks

& Best of All, Merchants Pay No Fee with iCAN I t Handling and dealing with chargebacks and fraud
can be an expensive proposition for merchants.
With iCan4Consumers, merchants can save money
arising from chargeback and alert fees.
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Why Do Chargebacks happen?

Instead of contacting the merchant to resolve a product or service concern, consumers contact their issuing bank to dispute a charge on their account and request a refund.
14% Cardholders contact merchants prior to charging back.
28% of cardholders contacted after a dispute was already filed.
58% of cardholders did not contact the merchant AT ALL. Dispute was filed directly with the bank.
86% of chargebacks are fraudulently placed. Skipping the merchant altogether & going straight to the bank

Benefits of Refund vs. Chargeback


  • Out of merchant’s control
  • Extra fees and penalties
  • Elevates credit risk profile with acquirer
  • Indicator of poor customer service


  • Issued by the merchant
  • No extra fees and penalties
  • A normal course of doing business
  • Method of maintaining customer satisfaction
prevent chargebacks by customer service support

How To Increase Refund Activities and Decrease Chargebacks

Well-trained customer support staff.

Easy-to-navigate customer support page

Have a clear return and refund policy

ICAN4CONSUMERS saves you in Chargeback Fees & Alert Fees ​

ICan4Consumers is a best practice tool for reducing chargeback/fraud levels. ​Our goal is to increase card acceptance and keep our customers’ merchant accounts in good standing. ​

Cardholder Disputes a Charge ​
Your customer contacts iCan4Consumers to clarify a transaction.​
iCan4Consumers Sends An Notification To The Merchant​
Our 24/7 response system will notify the merchant that a transaction has been challenged and detail the needed action to solve the dispute. ​
iCan4Consumers Receives the Feedback from Merchant and Takes Action ​
iCan4Consumers responds quickly to consumers and makes it easy to refund, stop fulfillment, and update order information. ​
iCan4Consumers Sends a Notification That There Is a Consumer Requesting a Refund​
After initiating a refund request, iCan4Consumers will notify the merchant of the consumer interaction and outcome. Therefore, you won’t be charged an alert fee or a chargeback fee from the banks or from other alert systems. ​

Support 7 Days a Week​

We’re Here To Help Whenever You Need Us​
Prevent Chargebacks by Dispute Management

Dispute Management

We will help you to manage all consumer inquiries and resolve them before they become chargebacks.​

Prevent Chargebacks by Document Collection Submission

Document Collection/Submission

On behalf of a third-party chargeback management company, we will collect all the needed data and submit completed responses to ensure solving the dispute on time.​

prevent chargebacks by customer service support

Your customers can contact us anytime and anywhere. Our support team is always ready to help them solve any issues.

If you have a question about the product or service you purchased or
If you did not receive your purchase or maybe you don’t recognize a charge on your card statement.

We can help you!

What is iCan4consumers?

iCAN4Consumers is a consumer-driven brand, providing the iCAN Consumer Community with value-based benefits and it Costs Absolutely Nothing to join!

Why Should I Use iCan4Consumers

There are several advantages of using iCan4Consumers. Any merchant, card-present or card-not-present, can benefit from our unique, customized approach to consumer satisfaction.​

Reduction in Fraud ​& Chargeback Ratios​
Reduce chargeback rates up to 30% by intercepting and preventing disputed transactions from becoming a chargeback. ​
Improve ​Customer Experience​
Our customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day, every day for your customer queries, resulting in higher levels of consumer satisfaction and increased customer confidence.​
Take ​Quick Action​ With iCan May Save Your Merchant Account
Issuing banks and processors are sometimes delayed in posting credit to the cardholder account. iCAN acts as an opportunity to provide quick/complete service reference to the upcoming credits. ​
Stop Alert ​& Chargeback Fees​
With iCan4Consumers, you can significantly reduce fees related to chargebacks and third part alert fees from the banks and other alert systems. ​


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Fighting Chargebacks The Smart Way

The best way to fight chargebacks is to prevent them from happening in the first place. iCan4Consumers will reduce the cost of doing business for both consumers and merchants across the entire eCommerce ecosystem.