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Things change. We keep up with the most current
and emerging markets to ensure that no matter
your product, you're assured fast and easy
onboarding with access to our comprehensive
suite of payment processing services.
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Infomercial…buy now pay later (BNPL)…things change. We keep up with the most current and emerging markets to ensure that no matter your product, you’re assured fast and easy onboarding with access to our comprehensive suite of services.

special emerging industry

Bank acquisition made simple

Our established relationships with acquiring banks make for smooth and rapid submission. In addition to this extensive banking network, we work with speed and integrity to meet your business needs efficiently.

Worry-free risk management

No matter the industry, chargebacks and refunds are expected. Through transparency and communication, we lower chargebacks cost to every constituent in the value chain, starting with you.

Constant support, whenever and wherever

24/7, 365 days, we have you covered. Customer care and satisfaction are important to us and necessary to get your business to the next level.

…Comprehensive Solutions in Quality High-Risk Processing, Delivering Value.

Health, Beauty, Nutra, CBD

Simplify doing business

Find steady, reliable payment processing solutions to help your growing business for both retail and e-commerce.

Streamlining payment processing Services

Enjoy a full suite of comprehensive payment processing solutions to assist in scaling your business.

Chargeback mitigation solutions

Reduce, manage, and prevent chargebacks through our proprietary platform, iCAN4Consumers, helping to keep your merchant account active and doing business.

Customer service emphasis

Focus on what you love by leaving quality customer service to us. Our call center response services assist merchants with payment solutions so that you can get back to running your business.

Are you a CBD Merchant?

For merchants selling CBD-related products, it has been a challenge to find steady, reliable acquiring banks to process debit and credit card payments, for both retail and e-commerce merchants alike. That’s why we’ve created CBD Payment Pros, in conjunction with our other products, to create a fluid and frictionless process specifically designed for you.

Online Videos, Esports & Gaming

Security, transparency, and success

Aligned and integrated with leading infrastructure solutions in payments and banking for online licensed videos, esports and gaming businesses.

Online Gaming and Gambling

HIGH RISK PAYMENT Processing Services

Providing transparency and safety for merchants in these high-risk industries so that you can process payments with peace of mind.

Eliminate chargebacks

Prevalent in these industries, our chargeback mitigation solutions will allow you to have peace of mind so you can get back to doing business.

Easy, fast, and specialized

Save time by focusing on your business and letting us facilitate high-risk credit card payment processing customer support.


Multi-Level Marketing

Don’t limit opportunity

Firms conducting multi-level marketing campaigns need reliable and stable payment solutions, risk management, and chargeback mitigation. Leave those issues to us so that you can scale and take control of your business.

Travel Services/Agencies

Soar to better opportunities

As the market evolves, so does your business. Our knowledge and experience in assisting travel agencies have solidified our confidence that we can help you with your payment processing, chargeback mitigation, and
customer service needs.

E-CIGARETTES, TOBACCO, & VAPE - Payment Processing Services

E-cigarettes, Tobacco, & Vape

Navigating tough industries

We quickly and confidently guide merchants in these industries through
complicated regulations and standards. With our full suite of payment
processing solutions, we keep you up and running on your payments network.

Payday Loans & Cash Advance

Safety and security

Payday loan and cash advance operators need constant protection from fraud and deception. We protect against that, and more.

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