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One platform for all merchant account services, with mixed and matched innovative technology solutions for long-term, direct acquiring partnerships.

High-risk merchant processing solutions

Check processing solutions

Complete your payment process to include ACH/eChecks and enhance your bottom line profit.

Retail POS processing service

Card not present (CNP) comprehensive consumer and merchant offerings, advanced, compliance handling and regulated secured infrastructure.

Onboarding strengths

Quality of application detail and history of success in boarding merchants at the lowest possible failure rate.

At The Frontier of Payments

Risk management and chargeback mitigation

Risk Management & Chargeback Mitigation

Stress no more

Our advanced techniques result in fewer disputes and higher profit. For example, higher customer satisfaction, to meet today’s consumer demand online.


Comprehensive fraud prevention

Streamline processes of fraud prevention, chargeback management, and regulatory tools with our proprietary technology.


Merchant alert service

Protection power to revise a customer’s chargeback situation with pre-chargeback alerts, resolving, preventing and eliminating the hassle of a chargeback.


iCan4Consumers transparency/control

Improve your business with our service platform iCAN4Consumers, which prevents chargebacks, reduces merchant chargeback ratios, and much more.

For Our Selling Agents

Additive transformational safety solutions that contribute to your bottom line. We offer one of the only economical risk mitigation solutions for agents and merchants, balancing savings return with the best competitive solution.

Payment processing Solutions

For decades, we have invested in payments innovation. We continue to develop industry-leading payment solutions tailored to your business.

Industry Analytics

We keep abreast of changes in the state-by-state and federal legal and regulatory landscape, as well as dynamic acquiring shifts.

Customer Response Support

Customers Demand Personalized Online Support

We provide personalized online support 24/7. Our emphasis on customer response is vital to your success, builds customer loyalty, and saves you time.

Customer response support

Industry experts

Our team has experts that handle specific high-risk industries. We serve and understand the issues that arise with these businesses.

Personal assistant

Our emphasis on customer response is vital to your success, builds customer loyalty, and saves you time.

Close more deals

With customer response support and satisfaction handled by us, our call center services will allow you complete flexibility in running your business.

Hello Merchants!

We should be your first contact point for any issues at any time that you may be having with your processing. That includes technology, your particular industry process handling, any question at all. Please contact us at your convenience.