How To Establish Online Cannabis Payment Processing

With the changes in cannabis regulations in many states, the desire for dispensaries and related services has exploded to a new height. However, cannabis is still federally illegal. Therefore, cannabis stores cannot access the banking service at a national level, which prevents them from accepting card or digital payment.

International Payments Processing wants to change that for our customers by offering a secure online solution and cashless payment, to increase revenue and boost your business growth. Here’s how. 

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How To Get Online Marijuana Payment Processing?

Marijuana Online Payment Processing

The laws about buying marijuana online differ from state to state. Therefore, understanding the subtle rules and operating merchant business correctly are the keys to getting long-term solutions. 

At International Payments Processing, we help your eCommerce site established online secure payment channels. We also provide 24/7 365 customer service to help with your application, underwriting, and onboarding.

Our 3D technology also provides a secure checkout, keeping customer information safe. Therefore, you can increase the transactions because customers feel safe to purchase marijuana online. 

Low Online Cannabis Payment Processing Fee

It’s all about the fees you are not paying. At IPP, we commit to bring the lowest fees for your cannabis online payment processor, including:

  • Statement fees
  • Compliance fees
  • Non-compliance fees
  • Monthly/annual fees
  • Terminal fees

Additionally, our iCan4Consumers technology helps prevent chargebacks from happening, by providing refund options and prevent fraud attacks. Therefore, you can reduce the huge cost from a chargeback.

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Why Do You Need Online Cannabis Payment Processing?

Having online payments for your cannabis store can give you more advantages than your competitors. 

Increase Revenue

According to Brizfeel, 57% of consumers prefer to shop online, compared to 31% of consumers who prefer visiting the physical shop. Therefore, the online store is more accessible for your consumers to share with their community, increasing word-of-mouth. 

Increase Customer Loyalty

An online marijuana store can allow customers to purchase 24/7. It also saves your customers time and energy to not commute to the physical store. Furthermore, our customer support can help you solve any customer problems, increasing customer loyalty.   

Easy to manage

Our online payment processing is easy to activate, track and manage. Therefore, you can set up everything automatically, such as collecting tax papers. Furthermore, it’s a safer solution when you do not need to hold too much cash. 

What Makes IPP Online Marijuana Payment Solutions Distinct from Others?

At IPP, we commit to bring the best technology and services to your cannabis store. Since 2012, we have offered innovative solutions to hundreds of merchants worldwide to drive revenue and increase loyalty.

Comprehensive Services
Our solutions provide resources to help you launch and manage your cannabis gift card program successfully.
Fraud Protection
Our technology can identify any risks to you and your customers, keeping your data safe.
We help your cannabis store run without interruption, and we consistently monitor 24/7
Personal Assistance
Our support teams are available 24/7 365 to answer any questions from your customers about the gift card program.

Contact us today to receive a free cost analysis to assess your processing needs and determine the best solution for your online cannabis store.