What Is Point of Banking?


As a business in the cannabis industry, you likely already understand the importance of banking and payment solutions to keep everything within your business running smoothly. However, you may not be aware of Point of Banking (POB) and what it can do for your business. Our team at International Payments Processing is here to help you understand! Learn more about payment processing for cannabis dispensaries today. 

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Solutions to accept bank cards

Did you know that up to 75% of American consumers prefer to use credit or debit cards over cash? The acceptance of debit and credit cards is vital to your cannabis dispensary. Point of Banking allows your cannabis business to accept bank cards without a traditional merchant account through an easy-to-use terminal, or cashless ATM. It makes things more simple for both you and your consumers.

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Lower Rates 

Many payment processing systems cost you an arm and a leg, but at International Payments, we strive to provide our consumers with affordable payment processing solutions. Now, you can enjoy easy-to-use payment processing without breaking the bank!
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Quick Application Process and Instant Approval 

With payment processing solutions such as Point of Banking, you can enjoy quick application and approval. In fact, this solution only requires three simple steps and you can get approval for your marijuana merchant account in 48 hours! Say goodbye to waiting and begin running your cannabis dispensary and accepting payments today.
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Safer Solutions 

As a business in the cannabis industry, you’re likely worried about instances of robbery and theft, especially if your business operates using a cash-only system. However, with payment solutions such as Point of Banking, you can accept payments using debit cards, greatly reducing the amount of cash you have lying around for employees or robbers to get their hands on .

The payment processing solution you use can have a huge impact on your revenue and daily operations. At International Payments Processing, we offer you affordable, easy-to-use solutions that revolutionize your company’s payment processing capabilities. Call today to learn more! 


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